On Knowledge

July 31, 2006

I came across this account of a saying by the prophet ‘Isa (Jesus) [a] : ‘I saw a stone on which was written, “Turn me over”, so I turned it over. Written on the other side was “Whoever does not act by what he knows will be doomed by seeking what he does not know, and his own knowledge will be turned against him.” ‘

He who truly knows is the one in whom sound actions, pure supplications, truthfulness and precaution speak out… not his tongue, his debates, his comparisons, assertions or claims. In times other than these, those who sought knowledge were those who had intellect, piety, wisdom, modesty and caution…. nowadays we see that those who seek it do not have any of these qualities. The man of knowledge needs intellect, kindness, compassion, good counsel, forbearance, patience, contentment and generosity; while anyone wishing to learn needs a desire for knowledge, will, devotion (of his time and energy), piety, caution, memory and resolution.


One Response to “On Knowledge”

  1. Well, finally someone brought Nahj Al Balagha to the internet. I honestly believe it’s second to the Quran in terms of importance and relevance to today’s world. Sermons like Al Shaqshaqiya and many of the shorter ones deliver such wisdom, such directions, that one feels obligated to spread the word and give in to the Imam’s divinity and extraordinary calibre.

    Thank you sincerely for this.

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